Sylvan Treasures -- the Company

Our company was formed from the confluence of two life-long hobbies:   woodworking (Mike) and needlework (Maggie). When we saw our first turned orts bowl some years ago Sylvan Treasures was born. The name Sylvan Treasures derives from our Goals as craftsman and from our raw material.

From Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary:

   ~ Sylvan -- Composed of, or abounding in, woods, groves, or trees

   ~ Treasures -- A thing of great worth; something rare or precious

The Sylvan Treasures Logo

The Sylvan Treasures Logo consists of the initials "S" & "T" in a large font, superimposed within a circle symbolizing the symmetry of our hand-turned products.

Wrapped around the top of the circle is the company name "Sylvan Treasures". Wrapped around the bottom of the circle are three words from our company goals: "Quality", "Elegance", & "Utility".

All this is enclosed in a octagon symbolizing one stage in creating our segmented orts and display bowls.